Biotech piante sarde

"Biotech piante Sarde" arises in response to a joint project by Lombardy and Sardinia aiming to boost technology transfer and to strength territorial competitiveness.

"Biotech piante Sarde" is involved in plant biotechnology and biomedicine; it combines the interest in identifying compounds and formulations with positive effects on health (preventive, curative, etc.) with the researches in botanical and pharmaceutical-diagnostic field directed to analyze plant secondary metabolites.

Distretto florovivaistico alto lombardo


According to the provisions of the Regional Committee Resolution, on the 29th December 2010 Lombardy has approved the accreditation of Distretto Florovivaistico Alto Lombardo (Alto Lombardo Horticultural District).

The District groups together companies involved in the nursery / horticulture business in the areas of Como, Lecco, Milan, Monza-Brianza, Sondrio and Varese: not just producers of plants, but also technical suppliers, advisors, specialist journals, landscapers and also companies involved in the construction and maintenance of green spaces, as well as many other entities who contribute at various levels in this sector.

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