L'abbiamo imbroccata

The project “L’abbiamo imbroccata” gives people the opportunity to rediscover the pleasure of drinking tap water in bars and restaurants or even in their office and canteen.  The initiative is founded on the fact that tap water is good and safe as minutely monitored by the authorities in charge. The sustainability of this choice enhances also the value of water as a precious resource for life.
From now on it will be possible to ask for a glass of tap water in every public place involved in the project: you will save money –as it will be free of charge- and you will help reducing the pollution linked to production, transport and disposal of plastic bottles.

Ri.De.Re. in casa

Leader of the project is the University of Milano- Bicocca that, in cooperation with Legambiente Lombardia and FEM2 - Ambiente Srl, aims to educate consumers on the value of food and water,  guiding them to suitable and sustainable choices to reduce waste.

One of the tangible results of the project is the booklet "Ri.De.Re House" (Reduction of waste in the household). This guide aims to give the basics on durability and on how to stock food, starting from scientific researches on edibles and considering the food legislation requirements. It also explains the difference between ‘best before’ and ‘use by’.
The user can then learn important facts about quality, healthiness and expiring date but overall he discovers some solutions to stock the food at its best, extending its durability and reducing waste.
Last but not least the guide gives example of alternative markets (e.g. Last Minute Food) and would like to boost recycling paths for foodstuff, involving authorities and associations.

Water of our school

The project “L’acqua della nostra scuola (the water of our school)” arise from a joined idea of ZooPlantLab of the University of Milano-Bicocca and FEM2 Ambiente, aiming to create a network of contacts and to spread information about the quality of water in Italian schools.

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