FEM2 - Ambiente - spin off dell'Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca



In 2010 four university researchers established FEM2- AMBIENTE SRL, willing to develop efficient products and services to improve life quality for people while preserving the environment.
FEM2 – AMBIENTE SRL is mainly interested in supporting consumers in their choices, reassuring them on the quality of important natural resources like water, air and soil.   The vision is helping people to improve their life style in a sustainable way and protect the environment.
The results are simple, reliable and not expensive products  and professional services. These latter are carried out using the university labs, to guarantee high-quality technical equipments and  high-skilled expertise to deliver the right answers to questions and worries of people in everyday life.
So far more than 30.000 consumers believed in our mission: checking the quality of their water by buying our do-it-yourself analysis kits or through the professional water analysis but also by choosing our specialized services.
If everyone of them follows our suggestions, then we surely will do a lot for our planet.



FEM2 - Environment has two modern laboratories, located at the U3-BLDG of the Department of Biotechnology and Biosciences – University of Milan Bicocca.  The biological lab is the place where new products are developed and tested and also where  analysis on environmental matrix (eg water, air or land) are carried out. DNA analysis are realized in the molecular biology lab where  innovative methods of molecular characterization also are developed.  The University of Milano-Bicocca guarantees high quality standard equipments that allows our biologists to work in ideal conditions, to operate in complete safety and to ensure results with a minimum margin of error.

DNA extraction from a feather:  molecular sexing of bird (SMAP).

DNA automatic extraction system.

DNA amplifiers. FEM2  Ambiente has well-advanced instruments, that are certified according to international standards.

Amplification process of samples containing DNA extracted from biological matrix.

Data analysis: the molecular biology lab is equipped with software to analyze molecular data. International databases are also accessible thanks to scientific cooperation with other important realities. 

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